by Hari Gottipati


About this site
Era of Tera is a blog written by Hari Gottipati. More than a blog, this is his running commentary about latest technologies in the era of terabytes. Again this is more of a running commentary than a editor proofed/spell checked blog. This blog's focus is on the following topics:

About Hari Gottipati
  • By profession a Software Architect Who Codes
  • By passion a Software Developer Who Understands Architecture
  • By nature an Open Source Advocate
  • By interest a Speaker, Freelance Writer and Blogger with focus on emerging technologies
  • Works on newest technologies, follows technologies before they become trends
  • Jack of all hats and a Technology freak from Phoenix deserts

Contact Hari Gottipati

  • Twitter : harigottipati
  • Email : harikrishna at gmail dot com

Opinions expressed here or anywhere on the internet are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer. 


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