by Hari Gottipati

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Macy's is the first retailer to use iBeacons

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When I wrote the article on iBeacons, I used Macy's store as an example. Incidentally Macy's is the first retail store to use iBeacons in stores. My prediction was so accurate!!!  Also my prediction of iBeacons becoming a force in retail space is happening. GigaOm's writer Kevin Fitchard alluded that my prediction was so right. Here is the Gigaom story:

"When Apple rolled iOS 7 in June, it quietly included a proximity-based service called iBeacon, which Gigaom contributor Hari Gottipati predicted would become a force in retail and location-based services. It didn’t take long for retailers to get wise to iBeacon as well."

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